The Primary Movement, L.L.C. is an art collective

based in Atlanta, GA. 

Our mission is to connect, promote and showcase Atlanta creatives.




Hello Creatives! My name is Diamond Bradley (@d.muse_ ). I am the Founder and Art Director of The Primary Movement. I am senior at Georgia State University studying History. .
The reason I love The Primary is because it is for all creatives of different backgrounds and stages within their careers. I wanted to create something with no boundaries or limitations and something I could carry with me throughout my life. Ultimately a safe space for creatives.

My career aspirations as museum curator has influenced my view within the arts and how underrepresented women and minorities are and I wanted to curate spaces and events for them. An lastly provide artists the opportunity to share their God given talents. 




Hello! I am Iannah James-Smith, the Co-Founder of @theprimarymovement
I am also a graphic designer. One thing that keeps me motivated and inspired is being are other like minded creatives , which is why I wanted myself and others to be apart of The Primary Movement. I wanted to be around other creatives, as we can relate and learn from one another. I have a passion for design and perfecting my craft. My ultimate goal is to grow my brand, @ijscreative, taking it into different avenues that will benefit other creatives and children.

Tammy Huynh

Tammy is the founder of The Creative Folks, a brand of content creators that are dedicated to providing more for Atlanta's art community. They host a series of workshops, events, and produce content to give Atlanta's artists a platform they can learn, grow, and shine on. Tammy is proud of her diverse background of work. She is graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Sociology, minor in Education Psychology, but has built an award winning Graphic and Marketing Design portfolio. She has a love for both people and dogs, with a small obsession with Pusheen the Cat. But like the average, she spends a lot of time on YouTube or Netflix,

maybe too much time. 

Justin Loren

My name is Justin Loren Jones, founder of VIBE.ATL. My creative passion is to serve other creatives by curating a musical environment that bridges the gap from the musician to the uninformed ear. Currently I am a DJ among other things pertaining to music curation.

I strive to be The Prime Example within the community by always asking and encouraging everyone to discover their art. I believe everyone has something they do exceptionally well, they just need to acknowledge it. I am inspired by the music because of story it tells and how each artist has dedicated time to the refinement of challenging and beautiful moments in their lives. It’s their art,

and it's  fascinating.


Soundcloud - VIBE.ATL

Apple Music - Vibe_Atl

Instagram - VIBE.ATL

Chiamaka Nwokeocha

My name is Chiamaka Nwokeocha, a senior Public Health major at GSU. I have a passion for photography, videography, and writing. I’m currently a full-time student, but in my free time, I love making Youtube videos to help incoming freshman to navigate college life. I’m a Prime Example on Youtube because I am constantly finding ways to help make the college lives of others better than my own experience. I also love helping others start their own channels and build a brand within themselves. My favorite quote is: “If things around you crumble

No, you don't have to stumble and fall. Keep pushing on and don't you look back” from “Optimistic” by The Sounds of Blackness. I am heavily influenced by India Arie. Her music inspires me to continue working to be the best that I can be. No matter my current mood, India Arie always has a song to help me get to my happy place. Her song, “Slow Down” has basically helped me to get to where I am today.

Overall, I’m so excited to be an ambassador for The Primary Movement. I know there are great things ahead!


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